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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling – As believers in Christ Jesus we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit who enables us to face any trial with patience, love, forgiveness and understanding. When we start to understand this even the most difficult circumstances can be counted all joy. Marriage was not created to be easy it was created to be one of God’s main ways to forge His children into gold – to make us like Jesus. Marriage (especially Christian marriage) was created by God to reflect the Person of God and His love to the world. It was formed by God to reveal the mystery of Christ’s love for His bride – the Church – and it is worth fighting for.

Family Counseling

Family Counseling – Families come in all shapes and sizes; large families, small families and everything in between; biological families, adoptive families and blended family of all kind but to God they are meant to be a blessed gift from His hands. With all the differences there are in families all families share several common bonds whether Christian or not. We all share a common enemy - the systems of the world that encourage division, independence and rebellion. The family was meant to be a tightly knit unit not every man (and woman) for themselves.


As believers, we have a lot more in common. We have a common Heavenly Father, a common purpose, a common Enemy (Satan & the worlds systems), a common Savior, a common Spirit and we are all part of the same heavenly family. There is strength in numbers and Power through God for the healing and strengthening of your family.

Preparing for Marriage Counseling

Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage is a 9-12 week couple counseling class designed by Author John Henderson of Association of Biblical Counseling, to equip couples considering or preparing for marriage to live out a Gospel centered, God honoring marriage that brings fulfillment in Christ Jesus. 

The first nine weeks of the curriculum focuses on premarital preparation. The last three week are optional and covers what happens after the big day. (addition cost associated) This class can also be done with individual couples.


Click the link for more information on the Catching Foxes curriculum.

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